Back in action

It has been a busy, and in some ways a hard 18 months. It’s been good. Marriage and sorting out a home, a permanent home, while juggling a full-time job has left no room for blogging and not a great deal of time for research. But the times, they are a-changing.

This week I gave my first paper in almost two years. It was hard to put it together, like stretching a muscle I haven’t used to its limits in, well, nearly two years. But it was enjoyable. The process of working through my thoughts and putting the arguments together made me realise how much I love working on medieval studies and how close I am, in a very real way, to finishing the thesis.

That might seem presumptuous, as there is still a very long way to go, but I’m at the point where most of the ideas are sketched out and the whole thing has actually been thought through more than I had realised.

My head is buzzing with distractions these days but with discipline, and some luck and spare time, I’m really getting somewhere after having to put things to one side for too long. I feel like I’m coming out of retirement, and I’m enjoying it.