Picture of the Day: Flooding in Thailand – Before and After

There is little to compare to the awesome raw power of the natural world, and what it can do to the human landscape.



Flooding in Thailand – Before & After




In this true-colour satellite image, we see flooding in Ayutthaya and Pathum Thani Provinces in Central Thailand (right), compared to before the flooding (left).

The Chao Phraya River forms at the confluence of smaller rivers in central Thailand, and flows southward to the Gulf of Thailand. En route to the sea, the river passes through Ayutthaya. First established in the fourteenth century, Ayutthaya lies north of Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok, and the floods plaguing Thailand in October 2011 did not spare this historic city.

The Advanced Land Imager (ALI) on NASA’s Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite acquired these natural-color images of Ayutthaya on October 23, 2011 (right), and July 11, 2011 (left). In both images, the Chao Phraya River curves through the southwestern part of the city. In October, however, the river has overflowed onto…

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