$250,000 in Gold Coins Discovered Off Florida Coast

Oh if only I could make a find like that in my back garden…


You know that incredible feeling when you find $10 in the pocket of an old jacket? Well, this is kind of like that, but also, kind of different. This past weekend, a team of shipwreck explorers discovered 48 gold coins reportedly worth up to $250,000, CNN reports.

Brent Brisben, who owns the shipwreck salvage company 1715 Fleet – Queens Jewels, LLC, led his crew of three on an expedition off the Florida coast to explore a 300-year-old wreck site. And, in the most literal sense, he struck gold. The trove of coins the crew found, called escudos, are part of the treasure left behind after 11 Spanish galleons sank on July 31, 1715, after a hurricane. According to CNN, they’re still in decent condition, with some markings still legible. The oldest dates to 1697, and the youngest dates to 1714.

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