The adventure continues

I haven’t forgotten about you, Dear Reader, in fact you have been playing on my mind of late. My conscience has been acting up with a bad case of whyhaven’tyoubeenposting-itis. In truth, I have been ridiculously busy and been fit to bouts of exhaustion, meaning that writing anything outside of the thesis and associated papers has been minimal in real life as well as the blogging world. Information overload has also played a big factor.

The closer I get to refining my thesis work, the more I have that could be posted here; I have been cautious because it’s unclear if our university would view blog posts as previously published work. But I have a good number of random thoughts and musings on the likes of Tertullian and Augustine of Hippo that will definitely be worked into blog posts over the coming weeks.

I am currently writing two articles, one is a revised conference paper from Imbas and the other is a brand spanking new piece for Aigne. And then there’s the scholarship applications to be worked on, the paper for Borderlines 2011 to be put together, the wedding to be finalised…


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